Why Choose Routine-Recruitment ?

With a long history in the construction industry we are confident we have the capabilities to find the right people for the right positions.

What Service Will I Recieve (Candidates) ?

Once we recieve your CV you will be contacted by one of our experts. They will gather all details possible about you and what you require. We will then start to look for the perfect career match.

What Service Will I Recieve (Company) ?

Once you decide you have a position to fill contact one of the members of our team. We will extract all information about the vacancy you have on offer and then upload that to our website. We will look across all of our proffesional platforms and databases to offer a suitable candidate for the role

How soon will the process start ?

The process starts as soon as we have your details. Recruitment can be a 24 hour job otherwise potential opportunities can pass us by.

How much does all this cost ?

Costs will be submitted at the start of the recruitment process. Our cost are far more competative than most. At Routine-Recruitment the money is not the priority you are. FAQ

Where We Operate

At Routine Recruitment we cover all sectors of the Construction and Engineering industry. Sectors we cover:


Construction, Health & Safety, Design, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Project Management, Civil Engineering, Utilities, Electrical Engineering, Security, And many more

Who We Work With

We are happy to work with people from all corners of the industry. We work with:


Sub-contractors, Contractors, Full time staff, Part time staff, Trainees, Management, Senior Management, Small Companies, Large Companies

Where We Cover

We work with companies and candidates from all over the UK. We cover:

We Cover

Scotland, North East, North West, Midlands, South East, South West, London

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